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A Motor

48000 €

  • Año:1987

  • Estado:Ocasion

  • Eslora:10,24 metros

  • Manga:2,74 metros

  • Calado:0,00 m

  • Marca motor:VOLVO

  • Motores:2

  • Potencia motor:200

  • Combustible:Diesel

  • Capacidad combustible:0 litros

  • Localización:Italia

  • Capacidad agua:0 litros

  • Personas:0

  • Baños:0

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Rue de L´Ile Pointiere-ZI de Chevire-BP4020, 44101, Nantes Cedex 4 France, España

Descripción de SHAFT 34

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Les moteurs ont été changés : l'un en 2003 et le deuxiéme en 2005 avec factures à l'appui. Bateau en bon état général. Possibilité de place de port à ce jour. *** The engines have been changed: one in 2003 and the other in 2005 (invoices available). Boat in good condition. Possibility to have a marina berth (available right now, at time of ad registration).

Eslora: 8,22 m Motores: 2 Año: 1990

34000 €



The boat Falken is a custom-made VIP boat. The first owner let the boat built for the purpose of signing big contracts. He wanted to take costumers for a sail and smooth them after a good deal. Falken is handmade all through. The hull is built over a model of a german revenue vessel. The hull is purchased in Germany and brought to Denmark, where the rest of the accommodation was handmade. This makes Falken unique and a collector item. The price for building Falken is over 2,4 mil.dkk. And there are invoices for the hole building period stuffed in a suitcase. That?s a little funny curiosity. Falken is build in 1994, but during the time to 1999, she has been in and out of shipyard for minor adjustments. So until 1999 she has not been sailing much. Finally in 1999 she was put ashore until 2003. In 2003 my wife and I bought her as the second owners. The engine was renovated in 1999, but started the first time in 2003 after a second renovation. Falken has been treated with a very strong and highly flexible coating called COELAN. This makes the boat watertight. Due to the specifications, she should be free of maintenance for 6 more years. After that she only needs 2 layers of COELAN every 8 years. Please look up COELAN or go to

Eslora: 10,86 m Motores: 1 Año: 1994

99000 €



Bateau idéal pour croisière côtière avec quilles d'échouage idéal pour navigation en bretagne ou bassin d'Arcachon. Table carré transformable en couchette double et poste de pilotage au fly. *** Ideal boat for coastal cruising with her beaching legs for navigation in Britany or on the Arcachon Lake. Convertible saloon in double berth and fly steering post.

Eslora: 8,10 m Motores: 2 Año: 2004

115000 €